Dow Enerfoam 24 oz Gun Dispensed Foam - 342092

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    Product Description

    Dow EnerFoam 342092 is a polyurethane foam sealant versatile enough for hundreds of applications around homes and commercial buildings.

    The straw foam Enerfoam loses between 10 to 15% of its Yield through the straw, whereas the Pro Gun draws every bit of foam from the can and is much quicker on the job. Time and Yield are essential ingredients for profit.


    • Replaces up to 40 quart tubes of traditional adhesive
    • Fast curing foam can be trimmed in less than one hour
    • Unique mechanical valve spring loaded for reuse
    • Won't glue shut after use
    • Elastic properties
    • Contains no solvents and is compatible with EPS foamboard
    • Less mudding labor and fewer nail pops reduce callbacks
    • Minimal expansion

    Application: EnerFoam is ideal for insulation applications, gaps and crack fi lling, acoustical sealing and as a barrier to pests. Indoor applications include basements and attics fi lling pipe/duct penetrations, plumbing stacks and shafts, wall cracks and attic hatches. Also used on baseboards, window and door frames, electrical outlets, conduit penetrations and air/heating vents. Outdoor applications include siding edges, electric, gas and A/C penetrations, garage ceiling walls, repair insect damage to trees and dryer vents.

    Installation: Read all instructions and safety information before using any products. Wear gloves, eye protection and work clothes during application.

    Surface Preparation: Protect work area with drop cloths or newspapers. Use in a well-ventilated area, with all nearby pilot lights and other sources of ignition shut off.

    Storage: When stored at room temperature, can be dispensed in a wide temperature range. Works in outside temperatures of 25°F (-4 - 49°C).


    General Characteristics

    Test Methods- ASTM C557-93 Adhesives for Fastening Gypsum Wallboard to Wood Framing.
    - CGSB 71.25 Canadian Drywall and Subfl oor Adhesive Standards.
    - CA25-4 Standard for the Evaluation of Adhesives for Structural Use in
       the Manufacture of Mobile Homes and Commercial Coaches.
    Added Benefits- Great for sealing around windows and doors.
    - Professional applicator tool available in three models for access to hard-to-reach places.
    - R-value of 5.7. Acoustical rating of 69STC.
    - Foam will expand and compress with the shifting of structures from winter to summer.
       Wont crack like rigid foams.

    Product Question

    Product Questions

    Can this be used around vinyl windows? Will it bow windows?

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