Free Local Pickup

Do you live within a reasonable distance of the Greater Washington DC area? If so, you can avoid shipping charges and scheduling conflicts by taking delivery of your order at our Distribution Center.

Convenience at a “Reduced Cost”*

Our warehouse address is 12221 Parklawn Drive, Suite 140, Rockville, MD 20852, Tel: (888)405-6064, ext 4#.

Products that qualify for pickup from our distribution center will have a "Local Pickup" sign in the product page, similar to this one.

Once selected, you can proceed to your cart with no shipping charges. Go ahead and check out your product now.

How it works

To take delivery of your product (s) from our distribution center:

  1. Place your order online and make sure the selected product(s) have the “Local Pickup” sign shown above.
  2. You should receive an order confirmation with an order number.
  3. You can contact our Customer Support either by email at [email protected] or by calling our distribution center at 1-888-405-6064 (ext. 4#) and reference your order number. Ask if the product will be ready for pickup by the time you arrive. Customer Support will send the proper paperwork to the distribution center alerting them of your arrival and insuring that you do not have to wait for your delivery.

*The Reduced Cost refers to products that are below the Free Shipping threshold