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Diversitech SpeediChannel 5/8" Mini-Split Drain Line 160ft. - 230-dl16

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    Product Description

    Diversitech 5/8" ID Mini-Split Drain Line, 160ft. Roll - 230-dl16

    A unique drain line for mini-split units. This large diameter drain line is typical for mini-split installations. Furnished in 160 feet lengths with cut marks every 3.28 feet.

    DiversiTech SpeediChannel™ System

    DiversiTech SpeediChannel™ is an innovative channel system used to cover air conditioning line sets. The two part system has a base and a cover. The base is fastened to a wall or ceiling, then a clever little plastic clip (SpeediClip™) snaps into a channel already molded into the base. SpeediClip™ is the fastest, most convenient way to complete a line set cover installation. Then, using standard cable ties, the line set, cables, con-trol wires, and/or condensate drain line are fastened in place. The cover then simply snaps on top of the base.

    The SpeediChannel™ system is available in three widths - 3", 4", and 6". Each piece of SpeediChannel™ is 6-1/2 feet long. A complete line of cou-plings, elbows, and tees are available for the SpeediChannel™ system.

    Manufactured from rigid PVC, the SpeediChannel™ system is a natural color that is a very close match to the typical mini split condensing unit case. However, the SpeediChannel™ system can be painted as desired to match any wall color. The PVC used in the SpeediChannel™ system is resistant to UV light, and is UL rated.

    DiversiTech recommends attaching the base to the wall or ceiling and the line sets to the system every 15" to allow for the system to carry the full weight of the line sets.

    The SpeediChannel™ system can also be used inside.

    SpeediClip™ simply slides into place on a railing molded into the inside of the SpeediChannel™ allowing for single person installation. Competitive products must be screwed in place which is extremely time consuming.

    The SpeediChannel™ can be easily customized to any wall construction.

    Natural color
    The original natural color blends well with almost any wall construction aesthetic.

    Larger size
    DiversiTechs large SpeediChannel™ size is a full 6" channel  unlike competitors products which are only 5-1/2".

    Tight fit corner and flat bottom channel design
    The flat bottom channel sits on surfaces easier and fits into corners better. It can be silicone sealed against the wall.

    Stainless steel screws
    Stainless steel screws will not rust.

    Flat wall escutcheon
    Competitive products have a larger escutcheon that is not aesthetically pleasing and wastes space.

    Integrated flex joint
    Competitive products require a joiner piece to couple the flex joint to their systems. The DiversiTech flex joint slides right into the end of the SpeediChannel™ with no additional joiner piece.

    Long radius 90° bend
    DiversiTechs long radius 90° bend allows for a larger bending radius for the line set, making installation easier.

    Single piece wall sleeve 20mm drain line with double Cconnections
    Competitive products are multi-part which is cumbersome.

    True Y connection
    Drainline Y is inline. It does not branch.

    English packaging
    Competitive products


    General Characteristics

    Dimensions (L W H)15.5 X 16 X 9.25


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    Product Questions

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