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Fireye 120 VAC Input with Alpha-Numeric Display Interface to ED510

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    Product Description

    The Fireye MicroM Series Flame Safeguard Control is a compact, microprocessor based, modular burner management system designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sizes of heating and process equipment firing any type of fuel.

    The MicroM is designed to be backward compatible with existing TFM, UVM and M-Series II controls. The MicroM MEC120 and MEC230 chassis with the appropriate MEP100, MEP200 and MEP500 series programmers provide operation similar to its predecessors and is usually directly interchangeable. The MEC320 and MEC480 chassis with the appropriate MEP300, MEP400 and MEP600 series programmers provide additional enhancements such as early spark termination, pilot proving, and interrupted pilot.

    The advantages of the MicroM are zero dependence on discrete components previously used for timing functions. The MicroM, through the use of micro-controller technology, incorporates smart diagnostic LED's, smart reset function for multi-burner applications, optional alpha-numeric display output (ED510), and serial communications via a Modbus or E500 Communication Interface. The MicroM system also provides additional amplifier selections. Along with the standard UV and Flame Rod amplifiers are UV self-check, Infrared, Cadmium Sulfide and a dry contact amplifier for use with the Fireye Phoenix scanner. All amplifiers are available with flame failure response times of 0.8 seconds or 3 seconds nominal (4 second maximum) and each provide a set of test jacks with a uniform range of 0-10 VDC for the measurement of flame signal intensity.

    A complete MicroM system includes the appropriate flame detector, plug-in amplifier and programmer modules which connect into a standard chassis and wiring base. Interchangeable programmer and amplifier modules allow for complete versatility in selection of control function, timing and flame scanning means. Functions such as relight, recycle, non-recycle, two stage capability, nonrecycle air flow, proof of air flow open at start, purge timing, early spark termination, pilot proving and pilot cutoff are determined by the appropriate programmer module. Type of flame scanner (UV, Repetitive UV Self-Check, Flame Rod, IR or Cadmium Sulfide or dry contact) and the flame failure response time (FFRT) are determined by the amplifier module. Optional plug-in daughter boards provide additional features such as remote reset, alpha-numeric display and serial communications.

    The MicroM programmers are micro-controller based modules that control the sequence of operation and also interface with plug-in amplifiers, meter boards, display drivers and external communication devices. The programmers are available in an assortment of configurations necessary to resolve the application requirement. Current families of programmers for use with the MEC120 andMEC230 type chassis include the MEP100, MEP 200 and MEP500 series. Programmers for use with the MEC320 and MEC480 type chassis include the MEP300, MEP400 and MEP600 series.

    Some programmer modules are equipped with a series of dipswitches to select Purge Timing, Pilot Trial for Ignition (PTFI) timing, Proof of Air flow open at start, Post Purge, Recycle and Non-Recycle operation. LED indicators on the programmer modules indicate the current operating status of the control and during a lockout condition displays the fault as a coded sequence, simplifying the troubleshooting of a shutdown.

    In the event of pilot ignition failure, or following a safety shutdown, the control locks out, activating an alarm circuit and displays the cause of lockout on the integrated LED's and on the optional ED510 display. Unless otherwise specified, manual reset is required. Remote reset is available on the MEC120R, MEC120RC, MEC320RD, MEC230RC, MEC320R, MEC320RC and MEC320RD chassis. A detailed description of the various programmer, amplifier and chassis modules is found later in this document. A “run-check" switch, provided to assist in testing size, position and stabilization of the pilot, is provided on some specific models and all MEP500 and MEP600 series programmers.

    Modular MicroM controls incorporate a safety checking circuit that is operative on each start. If flame (real or simulated) is detected prior to a start or during purge, the fuel valves will not be energized and the unit will lock out.

    The modular MicroM controls use the same wiring base as the Fireye UVM, TFM and M- Series II controls and are designed to be interchangeable with most models with little or no rewiring.

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