Energy Conscious and MAVCAP Industries Accounce Partnership

Energy Conscious, a rapidly growing distributor and marketplace for energy and water efficient products, is partnering with MAVCAP Industries, a leading manufacturer of central air conditioning vent and grille covers for weatherization. The purpose of this partnership is to expand the sales and reach of the A-C Draftshield™. Under the agreement, Energy Conscious will be the sole distributor for the A-C Draftshield™ in the U.S., while MAVCAP will continue its concentration on designing and building new products focused on energy efficiency.

“This is a very exciting partnership for us, as it marries our strengths in reaching out to different market segments of the energy efficiency industry with the engineering and manufacturing prowess of MAVCAP,” stated Nabil Estefan, founder and CEO of Energy Conscious. “Our relationship with MAVCAP started a few years back,” he added, “when we noticed the A-C Draftshield™, an absolutely stunning product line that MAVCAP had developed for sealing drafts from air conditioner vents and zoning off whole areas of the house. The uniqueness of the A-C Draftshield™ design and its many attributes speaks louder than words.”

Tom Mavroudis, Co-Founder of MAVCAP Industries Inc., stated, “The partnership between Energy Conscious and MAVCAP has been very successful, and we here at MAVCAP have the utmost faith in the abilities of Energy Conscious to bring our company to the next level in terms of expanding our current product line distribution and introducing new innovative energy efficient products to the market. We could not ask or think of a better partner than Nabil and Energy Conscious team.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-40 percent of home heating and cooling costs can be attributed to air infiltration through gaps and cracks. The allure of the A-C Draftshield™ is its ability to reduce air leaks, save energy, improve comfort, enhance overall Indoor

Air Quality (IAQ), and avoid intrusions in the home’s aesthetics.

The A-C Draftshield™ is made out of the best materials, including recyclable plastic, 100% fungi retardant, and foam that insures that walls or ceilings show no markings or residue, even when covers are removed after years of use. The product has several applications, including sealing AC drafts, zoning off areas, safety, energy audits, and duct cleaning. This distribution agreement adds another great weatherization and IAQ product line to Energy Conscious’ long line of distribution products.