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We have made and will continue to make a serious effort to offer our products in bundles. Bundles are products that are related to each other that most people tend to buy together. The purpose is to make it easier for you to find the products and purchase them quicker and at the same time make them more attractive to pay for. Bundled products are on average 5% cheaper than combined single products.

the energy conscious

Bundles are a continuous type of promotion that you can benefit from throughout the year. While we will keep adding to our product bundles, we also encourage you to participate in this process and send us your suggestions. Our product staff will gladly consider your bundle. You can write us to [email protected] Please remember that the overwhelming premise for our bundle offering is that the two or more products have to be related in function and commonly purchased by customers together.

High Energy Score (ES) Products

Our product experts have sifted through all our energy efficient products and scored them based on energy efficient criteria provided by the US Department of Energy and other major non-profit making associations. The purpose is to make you aware of which products will generate the most energy efficiency return to you as a homeowner. We know that you do not have an infinite amount of money to spend on your home and that that you need some guidance. While these scores are never perfect, they still give you a directional guidance and advice.

The products listed on this page are the ones that our technical staff deemed have the highest energy score (ES) based on our energy scoring system. These products will be updated as need be based on new product introductions and changing criteria.

the energy conscious


the energy conscious

Products shown under clearance will not be restocked and are being discontinued. You will get to buy them at a substantial discount to both their original price and to the market. If you have an interest in these products, you should act quickly as they will only be available while quantities in stock last.