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Benjamin Obdyke Rapid Ridge® 7 Ridge Vent - RRR7

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    Product Description

    The fastest way to protect a roof from heat and moisture

    Rapid Ridge® nail gun-able ridge vent offers the quickest installation of any rolled roof ventilation product on the market, complete with superior weather and insect infiltration protection. The lightest ridge vent on a roll, Rapid Ridge is available in three sizes - Rapid Ridge Standard, Rapid Ridge 7, and Rapid Ridge Metric.


    • Nail gun-able for fast installation
    • Almost invisible once installed
    • Prevents rain, snow, and insect infiltration
    • Relieves heat and moisture from the attic
    • Easy to center over ridge
    • No nails to purchase
    • Creates smooth finish
    • Easy to handle
    • Simplifies the aligning of shingles


    • Low-profile design
    • See-through hinge
    • Compression resistant
    • Breathable weather barrier
    • End plug free installation
    • Lightest ridge vent on a roll
    • Visible nail line

    What is Rapid Ridge®?

    Rapid Ridge is Benjamin Obdyke's nail gun-able ridge vent on a roll that offers the quickest installation of any rolled ventilation product on the market, complete with superior weather and insect infiltration protection.

    Aren't all ridge vents the same - Why should I use Rapid Ridge?

    Rapid Ridge has some unique qualities over the competition such as the "gull wing" design that prevents shingles from bending over the sides. Rapid Ridge also has a see-through hinge which makes it easier to center over the ridge. Finally, the visible nail line helps assist with the alignment of shingles.

    What makes Rapid Ridge nail gun-able?

    The low 5/8 inch profile allows Rapid Ridge to be installed with any pneumatic roofing nail gun. Also, the double layer of fabric increases the compression resistance and does not create a wavy appearance along the ridge.

    What is the net free area of Rapid Ridge?

    12.5 square inches per linear foot.

    Does Rapid Ridge require end plugs?

    No. End plugs are not necessary if ridge cap shingles are lapped over end of product and down onto the ridge. Optionally, Rapid Ridge can be installed right to the gable ends using an integral end plug that involves cutting the matrix and folding the fabric over the matrix. See the Rapid Ridgeinstallation instructions.

    Can Rapid Ridge be used in cedar applications?

    Yes, Rapid Ridge 7 has been tested and approved for cedar roof applications and gives a much cleaner installed look versus roof pots.

    Is there a problem if Rapid Ridge is installed with the fabric side facing up?

    Yes. The warranty if VOID.

    Can Rapid Ridge be used without soffit ventilation?

    No. A balanced system is necessary to achieve proper ventilation. The use of a ridge vent without equal or greater soffit vent could cause the ridge vent to act as an intake rather than an exhaust vent.

    Can Rapid Ridge be used with gable vents?

    No. Never combine ridge vents with gable vents. Air will move from the gable to the ridge and the remainder of the attic will not be effectively vented; therefore leaving hot, moist air to cling to the underside of the sheathing. This could create ice damming. When installing a ridge vent, be sure to also install soffit vents and block off the interior of the gables; using them for aesthetic value only.

    What is the difference between Rapid Ridge and Roll Vent®?

    Rapid Ridge has a lower profile for nail gun-able applications; Roll Vent cannot be installed with a nail gun. Rapid Ridge has a net free area of 12.5 inches per linear foot, while Roll Vent has maximum ventilation with 18 inches per linear foot of net free area.

    Does Rapid Ridge come with nails?

    Yes. Each roll of Rapid Ridge comes with 1 ¾ inch collated nails.


    General Characteristics

    Rapid Ridge 7
    • Net Free Area: 12.5 in²/lin ft
    • Width 7"
    • Length: 20' rolls
    • Thickness: 5/8"
    • Warranty: 50-Year Limited
    • Patents: 6,298,613 US and 2,300,803 CAN


    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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