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AirCycler SE1-W SmartExhaust Toggle Switch, White

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    Product Description

    The SmartExhaust is designed as a replacement for the bathroom fan andlight switch, helping insure healthy indoor air quality as well as adequatebathroom ventilation. By using a microprocessor to monitor and control fanoperation, a precise amount of ventilation can be provided

    There are two settings on the SmartExhaust switch, ventilation and delay.Ventilation is the minutes per hour that you want the fan to operate. Delay isthe number of minutes you want the fan to run after the bathroom light has beenturned off. The delay time provides additional run time of the fan to completeventilating the bathroom after use.

    When a person enters the bathroom and turns on the light, the fan is alsoenergized. After the person leaves the bathroom and turns the light out, thefan continues to run for the set delay time. In addition once an hour the fanis energized for the set ventilation time.

    What makes this switch particularly unique is that the microprocessormonitors manual operation time and Delay time and subtracts it from the sethourly ventilation time. For example, with a 20 minute Ventilation setting anda 10 minute delay setting, a person enters the bathroom and uses it for 5minutes. The fan will continue to run for another 10 minute delay time. Thattotals 15 minutes of run time for that hour. The microprocessor will subtractthat 15 minutes of operation from the 20 minute set ventilation time and at theend of the hour, the fan will only run for 5 additional minutes.

    Features & Benefits

    • Works with ANY fan because it is NOT a solid state device
    • Earn LEED and ENERGY STAR points for enhanced exhaust ventilation*
    • Make standard bath fans ASHRAE 62.2 compliant*
    • Replaces both fan and light switches for one easy operation
    • Microprocessor technology provides precise ventilation times
    • Programmable DELAY and VENTILATION settings
    • Excess manual and/or delay operation is subtracted from the nexthour's
    • programmed ventilation time
    • Works with ALL incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED lights


    General Characteristics

    • Light: 450 Watts @ 120VAC (Blue Wire)
    • Fan: 150 Watts @ 120VAC (Red Wire)
    • Operation: 120 VAC 60hz ± 10%
    • 2.5" minimum wall box recommended
    • Cover plate not included
    • Use any standard switch plate

    Operating Instructions

    • Move switch up to turn on the fan and light
    • Move switch down to turn off the light. The fan will continue to run for a pre-set DELAY time (unless manually canceled)
    • To cancel DELAY time for the toggle version, turn the switch off and back on again within three seconds.
    • Within another three seconds, turn the switch off and the fan will shut off canceling the DELAY for that use.
    • For the Rocker version, simply turn the switch off again after use.
    • DELAY will not activate until the light/fan has been on for at least 10 seconds
    • The fan will automatically come on once per hour for the pre-set VENTILATION time.

    Any manual fan operation and DELAY operation will be subtracted from the pre-set VENTILATION time for that hour. If manual fan operation and DELAY operation exceed pre-set VENTILATION time, the excess time will be subtracted from the next hour's total VENTILATION time.


    If the VENTILATION dial is set to 20 minutes/hour, the microprocessor will subtract 20 minutes from 60 minutes and determines that the SmartExhaust needs to come on 40 minutes into the hour and run for the remaining 20 minutes of that hour. If the DELAY dial is set to 10 minutes and the light/fan switch is manually turned on for 4 minutes, the microprocessor will keep track of the 4 minutes of use. When the switch is turned off after the 4 minutes, the microprocessor will continue to run the fan for the 10 minutes of DELAY setting adding up to a total of 14 minutes. The 14 minutes will be subtracted from the total required 20 minutes of VENTILATION time. 54 minutes into the hour, the fan will turn on and run for the 6 minutes needed to complete the required ventilation.

    Additional Image:

    AirCycler Smart Exhaust Operation
    AirCycler Smart Exhaust Wiring Diagram
    Product Questions

    Product Questions

    Can you set it so it doesn't cycle every hour, and only has a delay of say 20 minutes after the light is turned off?
    The unit looks rather wide. Would 2 of these fit side by side in a 2 gang box?
    Do you have to pair it with a light? Or is there a similar option for an exhaust fan only?
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