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To Our Dearest Clients:


We are very happy and excited to celebrate our new store with you. The online world is evolving and we are evolving with it to bring you the best features available on the web today. Here are some of the new features that we think you will enjoy with us.

Domain Name: Our domain name was made easier to from the prior With this change we hope to have simplified your access to our store. For those who have the old domain name bookmarked, you can still access us the same way as you will be redirected to the new domain name and store.

Energy Score (ES):  You will see this product energy score on every product page. Based on different metrics, it measures the relevance of the product on an energy efficiency scale of 0 to 10. These scores will be refined and expanded to every different category over time.

Energy Calculator:  We are in the process of developing our own energy calculator that should help you understand your home energy spending better and reduce it over time. In the meantime we have provided what we believe to be a good energy calculator that will get your started understanding your energy costs and give you an idea of how to reduce them. This Energy Calculator was developed and provided courtesy of Energy Star.

Contractors Map: Whether you are looking for a General Contractor, Builder, HVAC Contractor, Electrician, Plumber and/or Home Performance Auditor, our Contractors Map is there to provide you with your choice of Trade Pro within the area you live in. Just put in your zip code and get a list of professionally accredited names within a distance of your area to sort through. This map is on our home page and every product page to make it easier to find.

Loyalty Program: Yes we now have our own loyalty program and it is dynamite. You only need to register as a client to participate. No double registrations. You immediately get rewarded 250 points for registering as a client and then 1 point for each dollar of purchase. Our way to say thank you.

Gift Registry:  Designed for newlyweds who believe in reducing their carbon footprint and home energy costs for years to come. What better way than to create a registry with us and require only energy efficient products for the home. Now this idea moves from the realm of the possible to the “real”.

Daily Tips: These are scrolling energy saving tips. They can be found on our Home Page and in our Learning Center. They help you save energy saving and reduce your carbon footprint.

Bundles: Bundles save money. They are similar items that are normally purchased together. They are put together for you to purchase at a reduced price. Always check-out this section on our Home Page and save money.

Clearance:  Another great way to save money especially if you do not care about the “latest and greatest”. These are items that we offer on severely discounted price basis, many times lower than our cost with the objective of clearing our inventory. Always worth your time checking our clearance section.


We have to leave some other novelties for you to discover on your own in our store. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This store would not have been possible without many of the comments you made to us over time and we hope that you continue providing input so that we get better all the time.


Thank you for your patronage

Energy Conscious Team