Verifying Orders

Over the past years credit card Fraud in e-commerce has become rampant and is affecting both credit card holders and sellers. At Energy Conscious we are committed to protecting against credit card fraud. Our Credit Department uses several tools at their disposal to catch fraudulent orders before they are shipped. This helps insure that no honest party is hurt in the process.

Energy Conscious reserves the right to request more information in case fraudulent activity is suspected. Our Credit department will alert you if your order is placed on “hold” in our system. This usually imeans that more information is required to clear the order for shipment.

Some of the information that may be required include but are not limited to are:

  • An ID card with a picture and address that match the billing and shipping address
  • A copy of the credit card being used to purchase the products. The credit card has to match the ID card

Our actions are meant to secure the holders of the credit cards and make sure that we do not incur damaging losses. A client who responds to our query on time and with the information required will get the respect and five star service that we promise to all our clients. Your support in this effort is highly appreciated. Let’s make and keep the website the beautiful tool it is for the convenience and great pricing it provides.