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Gift Registry Benefits

We promote energy efficiency. All our products have been selected for their energy saving attributes which leads to

  1. More comfort in the home
  2. Less monthly payments in utility bills
  3. Lowered carbon footprint and a great feeling of contributing to reducing the effects of CO2 reduction for our planet

By selecting our registry, you will also benefit from the following:

  1. The largest offering of energy and water efficient products, all well categorized, in one store
  2. Free Shipping on purchases over $150, with many items below this threshold also available on a Free Shipping basis
  3. A 10% coupon code that you can use on any of our products, up to a year, after the event you are celebrating
  4. Each of our products is scored for its energy efficiency making your guest purchases easier
  5. A staff of experts that can recommend products that will fit your needs

We know you have plenty of other choices for your registry. We promise a great experience for you and your guests.