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Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal, 4in - FTS-4

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    Product Description

    Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal, 4in - FTS-4

    • A strong and flexible to sustain a positive seal
    • Ideal for wall carriers and floor mounts
    • Accommodates floors raised above the toilet flange by up to 3/4"
    • Maintains a gas tight seal even when minor movement occurs
    • Fast, easy installation for a long-term solution
    • Conforms to ASTM A 1045
    • No need for flange risers or stacked wax rings
    • Ideal for in-floor radiant heat installations
    • Impervious to mold and mildew
    • Centers itself and the toilet to the drain
    • Toilet can be removed and re-installed with the same seal attached
    • Made of flexible PVC

    FTS-4 - Designed to seal the toilet to a 4" toilet flange installed on 4" drain pipe. Ideal for most 4" Closet Wall Carriers.

    There is now a better way to seal your toilet to it's flange than using wax sealing. The Wax Free Seals from Fernco are are cleaner, quicker, and simpler way to seal your toilet flange. Easy installation and no mess make these toilet seals the perfect solution for toilet sealing.

    Wax does not stand up to heat making it a poor choice for use with radiant floor heating. Fernco's Wax Free Seals are made from PVC and will not break down. Our seal is designed to be a permanent part of the plumbing system upon installation.

    If there is a main line backup, wax will not hold much head pressure and is likely to fail. Fernco's Wax Free Seals are UPC approved. UPC certified to provide a water and airtight connection between the water closet and sanitary drainage system. Conforms to the industry standard ASTM A 1045

    Anytime the flange is lower then the finished floor, you need more wax. Unless the flange is installed "over" the floor, it takes more then a single wax ring to seal. Fernco's Wax Free Seals long neck will make a positive secure connection regardless of flange height.

    Each time the toilet is removed a new wax seal must be installed. With Fernco's Wax Free Seals toilet can be pulled and replaced without changing the seal.

    Wax seal removal is a disgusting, sticky, messy job. Fernco's Wax Free Seals are Clean, Quick, and Easy to install or remove.


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