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Dow Liquid Armor Flashing and Sealant, 5-Gallon - 11052383

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  • Dow Liquid Armor Flashing and Sealant, 5-Gallon - 11052383
  • Dow Liquid Armor Flashing and Sealant, 5-Gallon - 11052383

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    Product Description

    Dow Liquid Armor Flashing and Sealant 5 Gallon - 11052383

    Spray Gun not included.

    Easier Application for Extra Protection

    Make your job easier and improve the quality of your build at the same time. When you use DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing, you'll appreciate the efficient spray installation, excellent protection and robust adhesion. And your clients will appreciate a more comfortable, better-performing home.

    • Patented acrylic latex sprayable formulation
    • Designed for use around the rough opening of windows and doors and over window flanges
    • Seals around nails and forms a tight, seamless barrier against unwanted water and air leakage
    • Spray applied with an airless paint sprayer
    • Can also be brushed or rolled, for greater application flexibility
    • Available in 5-gallon pails
    • For interior and exterior use
    • Solvent free
    • Low VOC and nonhazardous
    • Easy water cleanup
    • Provides full coverage for up to 1/4" gaps or similar


    Flashing adheres to most building surfaces:

    • Plywood and OSB sheathing and framing
    • Foam panels: XPS insulation
    • Housewrap, masonry, tile and concrete substrates
    • Vinyl window flange
    • Other sealants: acrylic caulks, polyurethane foam and silicone

    DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant is a sprayable, waterborne coating to be used around the rough openings of windows and doors and over window flanges on residential homes that delivers better performance, higher reliability, easier application and lower installation cost than incumbent products (i.e., butyl flashing tapes or plastic sill pans).

    If an airless paint sprayer is not available, the coating can be brushed or rolled, etc. The sprayable formulation is also engineered to penetrate and seal hard-to-reach gaps.

    DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant dries to form a tight, seamless barrier around the window. It self-seals around nails, forming a tight, seamless barrier against water and air leakage.

    DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant offers exceptional adhesion to oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, extruded polystyrene (XPS), housewrap, GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant,* and acrylic caulk, among other substrates. Once cured, it is extremely durable, withstanding jobsite conditions and weathering when applied around the rough opening of a window or over the top of the nail flange of windows.

    Surface and ambient temperatures should be 35°F and rising and below 120°F during application. DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant tolerates rain shortly after installation. However, do not apply to surfaces with standing water or frost.


    General Characteristics

    LIQUIDARMOR can be brush or spray applied. As long as 50 wet mil (thickness of a dime) is laid down on the surface in question, the final cured property is not affected. Short, coarse haired paint brush (chip brush) works best in our experience because you can load more of a thick, viscous liquid to apply a thick enough deposit to be close to 50 wet mils in one stroke.

    Surface coverage per pail depends on how wide and thick you apply. The coverage in linear feet by application width is in the table below for your reference:

    Application Width (inches)
    Theoretical Yield at 50 mil wet (linear feet)

    DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant complies with the following standards listed in the codes:

    ASTM D903, "Standard Test Method for Peel or Stripping Strength of Adhesive Bonds."

    • ASTM D412 "Standard Test Method for Elongation and Tensile Strength"
    • ASTM C1305, "Standard Test Method for Crack Bridging Ability of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane."
    • ASTM E2485, "Standard Test Method for Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and Water Resistive Barrier Coatings."
    • ASTM E84, "Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials."
    • ASTM E331, "Water Penetration of Exterior Windows by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference."
    • ASTM E2357, "Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies."
    • ASTM D1970, "Nail Sealability."

    Physical Properties

    DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant exhibits typical properties and characteristics indicated in Table 1 when tested as represented.


    Safety and Conditions of Use

    • As with any construction site, follow basic safety practices.
    • Use safety glasses with side shields.
    • Cover exposed skin and wear gloves while using a sprayer.

    Table 1: DOW LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant Typical Technical Data

    Liquid Properties Cured Properties
    Form Light-blue, sprayable sealant ASTM D412 Tensile Strength 105 psi
    Volatile Organic
    Compounds (VOC)
    2.3 wt% ASTM D412 Elongation at Break 450%
    Density 11.4 lbs./gal. ASTM E96 Water Vapor Transmission 4 perms
    Total Solids 75% Accelerated Weathering AC 148, 45.2 Passes
    Shelf Life 1.5 years Nail Sealing Ability ASTM D1970/
    AC 148 Sec. 4.2

    Application Environment

    • 35° - 120°F
    • One step (no mesh required)
    • Tolerates freeze-thaw
    • Tolerates heat-age
    • Rain resistant
    • Ensure adequate ventilation during application.
    • Follow all spray equipment instructions and warnings.
    • See the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

    Product Question

    Product Questions

    will it withstand 150 degree attic heat
    What is the square foot coverage of a 5 gallon bucket of Liquid Armor?
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