Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120

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  • Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120
  • Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120
  • Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120
  • Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120

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    Product Description

    Diversitech ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120

    The new ClearVue™ condensate pump from DiversiTech is unlike any other pump available. ClearVue™ features variable speed and lift and self­cleaning technology which makes ClearVue™ the smartest condensate pump on the market. ClearVue™ has the ability to "think" and adapt to changing conditions. It's not just off or on like a regular pump.

    ClearVue™ senses the amount of condensate water in the tank and the rate of inflow and adjusts its speed and lift to match the conditions and keep the tank clear. ClearVue™ starts pumping slowly and only accelerates if needed. And since it pumps slowly, ClearVue™ is super quiet and easy to live with.


    ClearVue™ senses how fast the condensate is entering the tank and adjusts its speed and lift to keep the tank clear. This helps ClearVue operate at the proper speed and makes the pump work quietly.

    Electromechanical float switches used in conventional condensate pumps are prone to mechanical failure including debris fouling, sunken floats, and misalignment. ClearVue’s Floatless Sensor™ eliminates the problems associated with conventional condensate pumps. No float, no problem.

    ClearVue™ condensate pump features a unique, self­cleaning mode to maintain and keep drain lines clear.

    The clear tank feature of ClearVue™ allows the user to see the activities inside making troubleshooting more accurate and much faster.

    ClearVue™ contain two stainless steel hanging tabs that offer many installation options. The tabs are sturdy and durable, lasting longer than standard plastic mounts.

    ClearVue™ features four LED indicator lights: Ready, Pumping, Cleaning, and Alarm. The LED lights tell you what mode the pump is in at any given time.

    ClearVue™ includes specially designed rubber feet that dampen vibration and noise making ClearVue™ quiet and easy to live with.

    Removable duckbill check valve resists corrosion and wear and is self cleaning.

    An innovative packaging design with a clear front shows the pump and highlights its unique features. Several ClearVue™ pumps may also be stacked together to create a powerful visual display.

    Need to drain the tank quickly? Simply push the DRAIN button and ClearVue™ removes all the water in the tank fast.

    ClearVue™ has a dependable, extended 2 year warranty.


    General Characteristics

    Maximum CondensateContinuous duty 160F°
    TemperaturesMaximum inlet temperature 160F°
    TemperaturesNot suitable for contact with steam or gasses that exceed 160F°
    Rated Voltage120 VAC / 60Hz
    Rated Current Draw1.9 Amps (120VAC)
    Input TypeUSA 3-prong molded plug (120VAC)
    Maximum Lift HeightVariable, 0 to 22 feet
    Flow Rate @ Zero Head1.6 gallons per minute
    Dimensions11.8" x 5.9" x 6.7"
    Weight5 lbs
    Inlet Height from Base4.4"
    Tank Capacity1/2 gallon
    Included Accessories
    Instruction Sheet
    Stainless Steel Hang Tabs
    Plug Protector
    4' Remote Shutoff Leads w/insulated terminals
    Polyethelene inlet covers (3)
    Wiring Color References120V Black - Live/Hot White - Neutral Green - Ground (All installations must conform to NEC requirements)


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