BOSS Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant #136, 10.1oz - 136

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    Product Description

    BOSS 136 Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant #136

    BOSS® 136 Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant is a single component fire rated sealant and is a noncombustible filler caulking used for fireblocking applications in the annular space around wires, pipes, ducts, vents, cable lines and other penetrations to the building envelope. It is a non-slumping sealant that sets to form a hard surface. BOSS® 136 can be applied to any gap or penetration where the specification is noncombustible and/or ASTM-E136 rated. BOSS® 136 is to be used for interior applications only. Boss 136 meets and exceeds the specifications for ASTM E-136 and conforms to all National Building Codes, including BOCA, CABO, SBCCI, ICBO, NFPA and the 2003 International Building Codes. It is the most versatile firestop product available in today's marketplace.


    • BOSS® 136 is completely non toxic and contains no asbestos or PCBs.
    • Noncombustible
    • Applied with a conventional caulking gun
    • Easily applied sealant with water clean up capabilities
    • An accredited fire block/smoke seal caulk
    • Single component system, no mixing necessary and no additions required
    • Meets residential construction code approvals including I.R.C.
    • For interior applications only
    • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrate material

    How To Use:

    • Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Insert cartridge into standard caulking gun.
    • For a smooth seal, hold at 45° angle and apply by pushing sealant ahead of nozzle.
    • Apply at 40° F or above.
    • To ensure good adhesion, all surfaces should be clean and free of dust, oil, loose materials or any other substances.
    • Make sure that BOSS® 136 makes complete contact with the entire surface of the opening and also the surface of the penetrating items.

    Always follow cartridge directions. Clean the area to be treated so that it is free of all particles and debris. For large openings, mineral wool fibers can be used as a backer to help hold the product in place until cured. Steel screen wire can be stapled in place over the material when a large opening is overhead or configured such that the material will not support its own weight during cure.


    General Characteristics

    Volume 10.1 oz
    Size 9" x 2.5"



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