New Single Zone Wall-Mounted Extended Pipe

LG is pleased to announce the next generation of Wall Mounted Extended Pipe Duct-Free systems (24K, 30K, and 36KBtu/h). These are designed for light commercial and residential projects that require longer piping distances between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.  The upgraded Wall Mounted systems also feature a built-in Wi-Fi Module for enhanced remote control via Smartphone apps.

What are the features of the updated Wall Mounted Extended Pipe Systems?

The updated Duct-Free systems are highly efficient. The 24K/h Btu model meets the Most Efficient standard established by ENERGY STAR®. Also, with a lower recommended MOP/MCA than the previous generation, the new system facilitates lower cost installation for electrical panel.
Another new feature is the built-in WiFi capability, which eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories for wireless control. Simply download the new app, Smart ThinQ, and mobile control is ready to use.

bloggThe new LS303HLV system.


  • 24‐Hour on/off timer
  • 4-Way auto swing
  • Auto changeover
  • Auto restart
  • Built‐in low ambient standard, down to 14°F (cooling mode)
  • Chaos wind
  • Jet cool/Jet heat
  • 3M HAF Filter
  • Sleep mode
  • Cooling only function
  • Defrost control
  • Inverter (variable speed
  • compressor)
  • Condensate sensor connection
  • Temp display on indoor unit
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi® and smartphone app

Buy Now

Energy Conscious is proud to sell all the new models in LG’s DFS extended pipe collection at an affordable price:

LS243HLV – System

LS303HLV – System

LS363HLV – System

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