Tankless Water Principle

The principle behind tankless water heaters is simple:

tankless*This diagram illustrates tankless water heater design concepts only and does not accurately represent the water heater’s physical description.

  1. A hot water tap is turned on.
  2. Water enters the heater.
  3. The water flow sensor detects the water flow.
  4. The computer initiates the fan motor and sends a signal to the igniter to create an ignition spark.
  5. The gas ignites and flames appear within the burner chamber.
  6. Water circulates through the heat exchanger and then gets hot.
  7. Using thermistors to measure temperatures throughout the water heater, the computer modulates the gas and water valves to ensure proper output water temperature.
  8. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down.

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New Single Zone Wall-Mounted Extended Pipe

LG is pleased to announce the next generation of Wall Mounted Extended Pipe Duct-Free systems (24K, 30K, and 36KBtu/h). These are designed for light commercial and residential projects that require longer piping distances between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.  The upgraded Wall Mounted systems also feature a built-in Wi-Fi Module for enhanced remote control via Smartphone apps.

What are the features of the updated Wall Mounted Extended Pipe Systems?

The updated Duct-Free systems are highly efficient. The 24K/h Btu model meets the Most Efficient standard established by ENERGY STAR®. Also, with a lower recommended MOP/MCA than the previous generation, the new system facilitates lower cost installation for electrical panel.
Another new feature is the built-in WiFi capability, which eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories for wireless control. Simply download the new app, Smart ThinQ, and mobile control is ready to use.

bloggThe new LS303HLV system.


  • 24‐Hour on/off timer
  • 4-Way auto swing
  • Auto changeover
  • Auto restart
  • Built‐in low ambient standard, down to 14°F (cooling mode)
  • Chaos wind
  • Jet cool/Jet heat
  • 3M HAF Filter
  • Sleep mode
  • Cooling only function
  • Defrost control
  • Inverter (variable speed
  • compressor)
  • Condensate sensor connection
  • Temp display on indoor unit
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi® and smartphone app

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Energy Conscious is proud to sell all the new models in LG’s DFS extended pipe collection at an affordable price:

LS243HLV – System

LS303HLV – System

LS363HLV – System

Make 2017 Your Greenest Year Yet

At Energy Conscious, our mission is to give homeowners across America affordable access to eco-friendly and energy-saving products.  Make it your 2017 New Year’s resolution to make your home greener this year, and let Energy Conscious be there to help.  We’ve created a list of a few products to help reduce your eco footprint:

Stop Drafts from Entering Your Home

When drafts enter your home, they undo all the work that’s been put into making your home comfortable – heating, air conditioning, etc.  Block drafts using our expensive selection of draft stoppers and weatherstripping supplies.  Use one of our best-selling products, the Attic Tent, to insulate the draftiest area of your home – the attic.  Additionally, be sure to block off your chimney using The Chimney Balloon and weatherstrip your windows and doors using our vast selection of M-D products.  With so many products to choose from at unbeatable prices, there’s no excuse your home shouldn’t be 100% draft-free.

blog1 blog2

Install a Smartphone Thermostat

You don’t need your heating/air conditioning when you’re not home, but it’s so inconvenient to come home to a house too warm or too cold.  But there’s a solution – the Smartphone thermostat.  Simply turn your HVAC system off when you leave the house and turn it back on when you’re coming home – all via your Smartphone.  One of our most popular Smartphone thermostats is the Ecobee3 and we also sell the LuxPro GEO (available in black and white ), amongst several other brand-name thermostats.  What a cool way to be eco-friendly!

blog3 blog4

Switch to LED Bulbs

America is making the switch to LED bulbs, which use less energy and also last several years longer than common household bulbs.  We have a huge LED selection so you can make the switch, too.

blog1 blog2

Invest in Water Saving Products

Whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, households use so much water each year – and most of it’s unnecessary.  Buying a water-saving product such as a High Efficiency Toilet (HET), low-flow faucet or showerhead can save gallons of water with each use, meaning you save thousands of gallons of water by next year.  We also sell water heaters that can reach an efficiency rate of up to 95%.

blog3 blog4

Check Your Current Energy Usage with P3

P3 International is a company that has power- and water-monitoring products.  With the Kill a Watt P4460, you can check how much energy each appliance uses simply by plugging it into the monitor.  With the Save a Drop Water Meter P0550, you can find out how much water your hose is using.  Be sure to use P3 International’s monitoring products to track your energy savings over the year.

blog5 blog6


When you make your hope more eco-friendly this year, don’t forget Energy Conscious – we’d love to help out.  The Energy Conscious Team wishes you a Green 2017.

The New Generation of LG PTACs

LG is pleased to announce the next generation of 208-230V Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) units.  The new units have a built-in universal heater with capacities of 2.4kw, 3.3kw, and 4.7kw, when used with one of the three new power cords of different amperage.

ptac-unit_front_1The power cords (15A, 20A, and 30A), are sold as optional accessories and are designed to connect inside a junction box located behind the grille of the PTAC. The three optional power cords allow for different heater capacities to be chosen in one PTAC model. This helps to minimize inventory and warehouse SKUs.

The eight 208-230V PTAC models provide 24 options when they are combined with one of the three power cords.

Note: The new generations of PTAC units are compatible with existing wired and wireless remote controllers. There is no change in the 265V PTAC models.

The new LG PTAC models feature:

  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Auto Restart
  • Digital Control Display
  • Dip Switch Setting for Temperature Limiting
  • Freeze Room Protection
  • GoldFin ™ Anti-corrosion Protection Treatment for Condensor Coil
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Temperature Display on Unit
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • LG Brand Compressors
  • LG Brand BLDC Motors
  • Compatible with Most Energy Management Systems

Browse our LG PTAC selection now and pick up the new models:

Don’t forget to purchase the necessary accessories (grille, wall sleeve, and power cords) – all sold separately.

Our 3 Cheers Holiday Sale Product Highlights

Energy Conscious is proud to have our 3 Cheers Holiday Sale for the holiday season. We’ve given 3 cheers to all our holiday products:
Cheer #1 Make your friends and family happy.
Our holiday selection is full of interesting products.
Cheer #2 Save money.
We have discounted our products so you can stretch your budgeted dollars to the maximum.
Cheer #3 Reduce your carbon footprint.
Every product you purchase helps reduce your energy spending and ensures a more sustainable environment.
Save up to 70% and get Free Shipping on our Holiday Products, marked with the red ribbon. Additionally, for certain products, you can upgrade to 2-day shipping for $10 for one product only. Assuming inventory availability, we always ship the next business day.

We have hand-picked our holiday products and are eager to share some highlights with you.

Niagara Sava Spa Showerhead 1.75 GPM White – N2517


Cheer #1 Get a nice, new showerhead for yourself, your family, or someone else you care about.

Cheer #2 With MSRP at $15, you can get each showerhead for $5.69 at checkout – saving 62%.

Cheer #3 With only 1.75 GPM (gallons per minute), this showerhead uses minimum water to help the environment.

P3 Kill A Watt Usage Electricity Monitor P4400


Cheer #1 Get a great stocking stuffer for your favorite energy-saving enthusiast

Cheer #2 With MSRP at $29.99, you can get each monitor for $19.14 at checkout – saving 36%.

Cheer #3 The monitor calculates how much energy an appliance is wasting or saving, allowing the user to make decisions about which appliances to use and which ones to ditch.

The Chimney Balloon Handle/Valve 36in. Extender – HEK36


Cheer #1 The Chimney Balloon is an essential that many people skip out on.  Give your loved ones something they can use that will give back in energy savings.

Cheer #2 With MSRP at $36.55, you can buy the damper and extender set for $23.70 at checkout – saving 35%.

Cheer #3 Chimneys are literally holes in houses.  By stopping the drafts that come into your home via the chimney, you can save the energy and money you put into moderating your home’s temperature.

Dow Great Stuff Pro Gaps and Cracks Foam (6 cans) & Pro 14 & Gun Cleaner – 341557


Cheer #1 Dow Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks is one of our best-selling products for contractors and it requires a gun, which requires some gun cleaner.  So why not buy them all to save your favorite contractor the trouble?

Cheer #2 With MSRP at $170.57, you can get the complete set for $105.40 at checkout – saving 38%.

Cheer #3 Sealing gaps and cracks in homes can stop drafts and air leaks, creating a more insulated and energy-saving home.

LuxPro Wi-fi Programmable Thermostat, White – GEO-WH-003

(also available in black)


Cheer #1 Smartphone thermostats are the latest trend in smart homes.  Treat your family or someone you care about to a nice home improvement appliance.

Cheer #2 With MSRP at $159, you can get your LuxPro GEO at $134.10 at checkout – saving 15%.

Cheer #3 With the ability to control your HVAC system from virtually anywhere, you can turn your A/C or heating off when you leave the house and on when you’re on your way home – meaning you’ll save the energy for when you’re not there but don’t have to sacrifice the comfort.

An Energy Conscious Gift Card


Cheer #1 Whomever you give the gift card to will be able to shop for whatever they want.

Cheer #2 You get to choose how much you want to spend.

Cheer #3 All of our products are energy and water efficient.

Energy Conscious would like to wish you a merry holiday season.  We hope you enjoy our 3 Cheers Holiday Sale and all it has to offer.

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