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AC DraftShield CA1212 12"x12" Central AC Vent Cover

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    Product Description

    AC DraftShield 12"x12" Central AC Vent Cover - CA1212

    AC DraftShield central air conditioning vent covers winterize your home by blocking cold drafts from exiting your central AC vents. Fits grilles up to 12"L x 12"W x 2" D. Inside dimensions: 12"x12"; outside dimensions: 13.5"x13.5"

    CA-series covers are designed with a specifically engineered foam matrix for long term applications such as winterization and specially designed to conform to irregular surfaces for the best draft seal possible while being gentle on walls and ceilings as to avoid marks or yellowing. The lanyard and cord lock attachment system is included with each AC DraftShield.

    How does the A-C DraftShield® Cover Work?

    Step 1 Hook included lanyard to AC grille, making sure to keep the connection as close to the center as possible.
    Step 2 Tighten the cord using the included cord lock, until the vent cover is tightly sealed around the air conditioner vent.
    Step 3 Feed lanyard into the hole in the center to hide the excess slack.


    General Characteristics

    Inside Dimensions12" x 12"
    Outside Dimensions13.5" x 13.5"


    Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

    A-C DraftShield 12"x12" Central A-C Vent Cover
    Works great, product exactly as described.
    Overall Rating
    Review by jcleid / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    Ac Draftshields
    Nice product. Work well to prevent cold air from coming back into your home. I purchased 5 to try, and then purchased 7 more, since they worked as advertised.
    Overall Rating
    Review by r / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    Fast and Easy
    We were looking for a way to block cold drafts from our ceiling air conditioner vents and stop some heat loss. These draft shields were easy to install, look fairly inconspicuous and seem to be doing the trick. We realize that they are not a super-insulated product, but they do what they advertise.....block drafts.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Gayle / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    Draft Shield effectiveness
    I purchased and installed several vent covers over my household AC vents. What a difference in the recent cold snap. The bedrooms are much more comfortable without the constant flow of cold air coming through the vents. I hope to see a reduction in my heating bill too like I did when I installed new storm windows.. I wish I had known about this product years ago!
    Overall Rating
    Review by George M / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    AC DraftShield stops drafts, wish it were a bit more insulated though
    While this does stop a draft of cold air if it were either thicker plastic or included an insulated barrier it would be even more beneficial during the winter months. I've taken to add a piece of thin insulation into the cover to stop more than the draft and keep out a bit more cold
    Overall Rating
    Review by MikeL / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    AC DraftShield
    Great solution for us vs. plastic over vents. Kept the house warmer during the winter. Very happy with our purchase. I just wish they made a size to cover the return vent. We did order both available sizes.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Maryann / (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    good product
    Easy to install. Not bad looking. Does the job well. Would buy again.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 12/18/2014)
    Simple & effective
    I purchased 5 Vent covers and all were in place within 15 minutes. (It took 5 minutes to take them out of the packaging) They couldn't have been easier to install. I would rate them with 5 stars if they were insulated, that being said I would recommend them to anyone as they making a noticeable difference with heating my home. I'm very happy I purchased them, a great product!
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 11/19/2014)
    A No Brainer!
    I retro fit my home with central air 3 years ago. I was a godsend! Then winter rolled around and the other shoe dropped. It was drafty and cold in a home that had once been warm and toasty. I saw AC Draft Shields and ordered 12. Fixed the problem immediately. Easy to instal and remove. I've had them for 3 years and I still love them! Why AC companies don't offer this product as a matter of course eludes me. As I said, NO BRAINER. This is a great product. You should all buy them.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Frank P / (Posted on 11/13/2014)
    Just the thing!
    This is a beautifully simple and ingenious way to close ceiling vents -- simple, attractive and so easy to install, even a cave man could do it! But it aint cheap, however I got my money's worth on this one. Very cool.
    Overall Rating
    Review by John / (Posted on 11/12/2014)
    Easy to install
    This is a very good product that is easy to install, eliminates AC vent winter drafts and looks good. After using this product (9 purchased) for 2 winters, the only negative, the adhesive on some of the 2 year old gaskets is starting to fail.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Guest / (Posted on 11/6/2014)
    Great product with great service
    liviing in new England is often a struggle to heat my house without doing damage to my checkbook. I heat with oil.$$$. Very gratifying to find an excellent product with topnotch service. I have had mixed experiences buying on-line. Thanks for a great job.
    Overall Rating
    Review by john Donovan / (Posted on 10/28/2014)
    so easy to do
    I put 8 up in no time..quick and easy installation.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 10/27/2014)
    Winter Moisture Eliminator
    The shield performed exactly as expected. Within days of the shield installation the moisture dripping from residual heated air condensing inside the ceiling duct was gone. Well worth the investment.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Spyros A / (Posted on 10/25/2014)
    Bought more of them
    I used some of these in one house and they worked so well that I bought more for a second house.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Larry B. / (Posted on 10/10/2014)
    Simple Easy To Use
    It isn't often that you come across a product that is simple to use and does what it says it will. This is one if those products. I have tried numerous other solutions to block cold drafts with limited success. I wish I had found this product years ago. It will pay for itself in reduced energy costs while helping keep my home comfortable. Highly recommended.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 10/4/2014)
    An energy saver
    Bought Airshields two years ago. It cut down my heating costs during the winter dramatically
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 12/3/2013)
    Easy and quick to install
    This product fills the purpose and when it's installed its hard to even see it
    Overall Rating
    Review by Robert K / (Posted on 11/21/2013)
    Does the job
    Pretty easy to install and works as advertised. Would have been nice to get a quantity discount though.
    Overall Rating
    Review by warren / (Posted on 11/5/2013)
    Great product
    I was on line looking for new vents for my central air. The damper vents not working. I cam across your your product ant thought it was a great idea.
    It works really well especially in the bathroom when you use the fan. Iwould gladly recommend the product. Easy install.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Ray H / (Posted on 10/30/2013)
    An absolute doddle to put into place!
    Each cover comes complete with instruction & diagrams regarding different vent-fixings and both single AND double elastic fittings, within an individual polythene bag to prevent any scratching during transit.

    The Covers are a very easy fix indeed and the biggest hurdle for me was getting top the top step of the wobbly ladder, as we have 15' cathedral ceilings!

    Within an hour, we could honestly feel a difference in ambient temperature within the house because there was no cold draft streaming downward from the 12'' square vents.

    Now, if they could only manufacture in basement-window sizes, we'd have a great improvement in downstairs heat-loss too!

    Don't bother looking around anywhere else for alternatives ... just buy them & fix them!
    Overall Rating
    Review by Paul T / (Posted on 2/27/2013)
    Great solution
    It is a great product. I was looking for a solution to the cold draft coming from the A/C vent and found it. The only thing is that I need a bigger one for a vent 2'x3'. Hopefully it will be available soon.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Carlos P / (Posted on 2/9/2013)
    Easy, effective, glad that I came across them
    We have a newly installed AC system and the cold drafts were terrible. Originally I use shrink wrap plastic but that does not cover the entire vent so still had some cold air coming in. I installed these in less that a third of the time it took to shrink wrap and it works much better. I did have to get "creative" with the lanyards as not all ac vents are as depicted in the instructions. Overall the house is warmer and the furnace does not run anywhere near as often.
    Overall Rating
    Review by KO / (Posted on 2/7/2013)
    Great Product
    I did the research and this product is the best I saw for easily dealing with the cold drafts from the ceiling vents. Plastic could be a little thicker, but I guess, if you wanted, you could put some insulation between the cover and the vent to cut down on radiant heat loss. I would recommend this product to a friend or family member.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Bill B / (Posted on 2/7/2013)
    works great, as advertised
    VERY easy to install, and seem to seal well to keep the heat in our living space, and prevent it from going up onto the attic through our A/C vents.

    Wish our HVAC guy had left us with these when he finished our installation.

    Overall Rating
    Review by Guest / (Posted on 2/2/2013)
    AC Draft Shields easy to install
    The shields were very easy to install, I did 9 in about 15 minutes. I would just say that I expected the plastic to be a little heavier gauge, As i see them warping over time.

    Hi Tom,

    I have my AC DraftShield covers for 4 seasons and haven't found this to be an issue. They are stored on a shelf ,in a closet, nested together, If you should ever have a problem, please let us know as we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

    All the best,
    AC DraftShields
    Customer Service
    Overall Rating
    Review by Tom / (Posted on 1/22/2013)
    Good Product
    I installed 11 draft shields. The company web site says it will pay for it self in the first year. I will have to wait and see if that is true. It stopped the draft 99.9%. It should make a difference in heating cost. It is a good product a little expensive.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Dave W / (Posted on 1/3/2013)
    ac vent covers
    Excellent product
    Overall Rating
    Review by Ed / (Posted on 12/28/2012)
    Ac draft covers
    Great product! Easy to install and really stops the drafts!
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 11/23/2012)
    Great covers
    I am a very picky person who pays attention to detail. These covers are easy to install and look almost invisible. They cover the vents perfectly and prevent air from coming in. So glad I found them.
    Overall Rating
    Review by LL / (Posted on 11/17/2012)
    New central AC in old house winterized with THIS
    I didn't know a product like this even existed
    We retrofitted our 1940s brick colonial with a central Hvac system and the house is overall very poorly insulated despite our best efforts . These draft shields really make a difference
    Overall Rating
    Review by Mike / (Posted on 10/17/2012)
    Draft coverage very good
    It was not always easy to get the covers tight over the AC vents. In a few cases there is a slight gap. However, the draft of cold air is gone. The real test will be any savings on a very high oil bill.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 10/13/2012)
    Easy and Quick to install
    I watched the video and read the directions. Voila,I installed eight vent cover in 20 minutes. I had one single hook lanyard that was too big to fit through the center hole. I used the double lanyard and it worked fine.

    The cold season has just started and I could feel the cold air in the attic and the warm air trying to escape. What a difference with the AC DraftShield installed.

    So glad that I purchased your product
    Overall Rating
    Review by Morris Y / (Posted on 10/12/2012)
    Great Product
    Easy to install, good quality and it will do the job
    Overall Rating
    Review by Unknown / (Posted on 8/5/2012)
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