Business Summary

Started in May 2009, Energy Conscious is a distributor and reseller of energy efficient products with a wide product range, focusing on several product categories including Weatherization, HVAC, Water Saving, Lighting, Power Management and Alternative Energy. Energy Conscious sells directly to contractors and builders and to DIYs. The company also promotes its products on several marketplaces and drop ships products directly on behalf of its resellers. Energy Conscious has a warehouse and showrooms in Rockville, MD.

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Major manufacturers represented by Energy Conscious are Dow Building Solutions, 3M, LG, Takagi, Diversitech and Delta Breez among many others. A list of those manufacturers is available in our latest manufacturer line card.

Our Mission

The mission of Energy Conscious is to promote energy efficiency products and become the marketplace leader for these products. To do so we help consumers understand energy and water efficiency and make the right purchasing choices. Energy efficiency allows consumers to save money without sacrificing their comfort. We call it "painless savings". Energy Efficiency also helps reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere thus keeping our environment cleaner and sustaining our planet for future generations.

Our Motto

Our motto, "My Money, My Planet," serves to tell our story that both people and the environment can comfortably thrive together. Every aspect of what we do is focused on saving. From your wallet, to your energy to your planet, each purchase from Energy Conscious triggers three types of built-in savings - for your wallet, for your energy, and for your environment.

Our Goals

The world of energy efficiency is vast and technology is allowing for the rapid development of products and tools to achieve higher energy efficiency. Most consumers are unaware or conscious of the merits and advantages of higher energy efficiency products.

  1. Education is at the core of our strategy. We strive to educate our consumers in the merits of energy efficiency letting them assess the merits based on their needs. Given the "painless" effort and ensuing savings that will result, smart consumers will make the right choices.
  2. Availability. The world of energy efficiency is vast and growing exponentially. We will make available as many energy efficient products as possible to deliver on the possible savings of money and carbon reduction.
  3. Highlighting important product labels. Labels such as Energy Star, LEED or Water Sense have become synonymous with trust and reliability for the consumer. Because manufacturers follow stringent requirements to earn these labels, highlighting these products labels becomes valuable to consumers purchasing decisions. Whenever applicable we will highlight such labels on our product pages and explain their meaning.
  4. Price. We spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that we offer incredibly competitive prices. We also offer many promotions over the course of a year to keep highlighting our price value
  5. Customer Service. Last but not least, is our promise to deliver an incredible customer service and satisfaction. Clients can reach our customer staff over the phone, talk to them (yes in multiple languages too) and if they prefer have them take the order. We will be disappointed in anything short of a 5 star review.


Most of our national discourse is focused on how to increase the availability of various sources of energy, as our population grows and our natural resources are finite. At Energy Conscious, we believe that there is just as large a role for energy and water saving through efficiency. Energy and water efficiency means wasting less without sacrificing comfort - unlike conservation, which requires (sometimes painful) changes in behavior.

A 2009 study by the consulting firm McKinsey found that efforts to boost efficiency by using existing technologies could reduce American energy consumption by more than 20% by 2020. This is a whopping statistic, which reflects substantial savings to consumers and industry alike, and real progress in caring for our planet and environment.

Efficiency often comes from using new technologies that are more attuned to energy saving, like fluorescent lighting, tankless water heaters, or dual and low flush toilets. But consumers can also save energy by using existing units more productively (for example, by insulating pipes and ducts or caulking windows and doors). Either way, improving efficiency pays for itself quickly by lowering energy and water bills year after year while also promoting a clean environment.