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What Our Customers Say About Us !!

I needed product fast & they got it here fast. The only caveat was that they did not e-mail me immediately with a confirmation, which I consider normal for web orders. I did e-mail back next day asking for one, and next time I checked, there was a confirmation; our e-mails may have even crossed in the 15-20 seconds or so that this took place. Otherwise, great service, '4/5 product, '4/5 price.

- Michael Johnson

Item was as described and delivered on time.

- Handyman

The previous showerhead I had was terrible. It used 2.5-3 gpms and had little pressure. After reading previous reviews the biggest complaint was the lack of pressure. My answer to that is yeah it does leave more to be desired. But is it weak? No. My reason for not taking a star off of score is purely for the amount of money and energy savings you get with this showerhead.

- Javier Chagoya